4 Common Causes of Improper Food Display Temperature

Posted on: 1 August 2017

Are you wondering why the food display cabinet that you hired for an outdoor event is not as cool as you want it to be? Read on and learn some of the reasons why the display cabinet may not be at the temperature that you want it to be.

Inappropriate Location

Refrigerated food display cabinets may fail to keep food at the desired temperature if the display cabinet is placed under direct sunlight. Draughts and heat-generating equipment, such as barbecue equipment, can also prevent the system from cooling to the desired level. Inspect the surroundings of your display cabinet and identify which of these location factors could be affecting it. Adjust the location of the food display cabinet so that you address the shortcoming that you have identified.

Blocked Air Circulation

The temperature inside the food display cabinets may also fail to drop to the required level if air is not flowing properly throughout the cabinets. The refrigeration system works by absorbing heat from the air inside the display cabinets. Improper air circulation can halt this cooling function. You should therefore remove any trays or food that is blocking the vents and airflow channels within the display cabinet so that effective cooling can resume.

Open Cabinet Doors

The operation of the food display cabinet can be impeded if any of the doors aren't kept properly closed at all times. This is because heat from outside the food display cabinet will keep entering the units. It will then become very difficult for the cooling system to lower the temperature inside the cabinets to the level that you want if this leakage continues. Avoid this waste of energy by checking and confirming that all the doors are closed tightly. Ensure that the door seals are also free from defects that will allow heat to get in from outside the display cabinet.

Improper Defrost Cycle

It is also possible for the food display cabinet to perform poorly if its defrost settings aren't correct. This is because ice is likely to accumulate around the evaporator coil. The buildup of ice can cause the coil to become ineffective at dissipating heat from the display cabinet's interior. The best thing to do in such a case is to turn the unit off so that the accumulated ice can melt. Contact the supplier of the display cabinet so that someone can come and adjust the defrost settings.

As you can see, you may not have to call a service technician if the food display cabinet isn't getting as cold as you want it to be. Only call an expert in case the suggestions above don't yield the outcomes that you want.