Is Your Air Conditioner Ready To Help You Face Menopause During Summer?

Posted on: 5 September 2017

Winter is over, and the temperature is about to start climbing as summer approaches. Normally, summer is your favourite season of the year, but since you are currently menopausal, you're dreading the combination of hot days and heat flashes. Your air conditioning system will be your best friend this summer, but is it up to the task? These are the factors you need to consider now before the heat ramps up.

Air filter replacement

You already know you should replace the air filter regularly, so it catches all the dust particles and other allergens in the air, but did you also know that a dirty air conditioner impacts on the chill factor of your air conditioner?

When an air filter gets filled with dirt particles, it stops the amount of air which enters the unit. Your air conditioner needs a continuous supply of air to flow over the evaporator coils for cooling. Without a constant supply of cool air, your home gets hot. If you have not replaced your air filter in the past three months, replace it now.

Faulty thermostat

When you head off to bed each night, set the thermostat to 25C. Night sweats and hot flashes are at the top of the list of symptoms menopausal women hate the most. It is not your inner body which is overheating; it is your skin. By setting the thermostat to 25C, and sleeping with only a sheet for cover, you should find you make it through the night without waking. If you still wake up hot, drop the temperature by 1 degree the next night and keep reducing it nightly until you find a temperature where you can sleep through the evening.

Do a trial run with your air conditioner now while it is cool enough you don't have to rely on the air conditioner yet to help you sleep. If you notice the air conditioner is not kicking in at 25C, or the air conditioner is not cooling to the temperature you need, you may have a faulty thermostat. Replacing the thermostat requires help from a professional as it is hardwired into the wall.

Now is the time to get an air conditioner specialist out to your home to do an annual service. Once summer strikes, you may have to wait several days to get air conditioning repairs or service done because it is the busiest time of the year for these specialists. By having your air conditioner looked over and tuned up now, you increase your chances of getting through the summer months without losing your cool!