3 Benefits Catering Companies Should Consider About Cold Room Hire

Posted on: 6 March 2018

If you own a catering company, maybe you rely on the client to provide the cold room or refrigerated area for the food. This can be complicated if you find out there are limitations to the use of the cold room area or if there is not a cold room at all. For these reasons, you should consider cold room hire for specific types, if not all, of your events. Here are benefits catering companies can gain from routinely using cold room hire for events.

Taking on More Event Locations

One of the largest benefits using cold room hire offers your catering company is the ability to take on more event locations. For example, you may have only been taking jobs that were at people's homes or at establishments where cold rooms were on premises. This may have greatly limited you to smaller parties or fewer events. If you have the ability to hire a cold room, you can take on larger events or events with outdoor locations such as weddings or sporting events.

Expanded Menu Options

You may have found that without a suitable cold room option the menu you were able to offer was limited. This may be due to the location of the event or the number of guests for the event. In some cases, the limited menu may have been what cost you that particular event and client. If your catering company has the ability to obtain cold room hire for an event, then the menu can be expanded. This means offering more to your clients and meeting their needs in order to keep the event and expand your business options.

Overnight Storage

As a catering business owner, you may have found yourself turning down events that require travel time for food items or food that needed to be stored. You likely turned these types of events down due to the lack of cold room storage. If you use cold room hire, you can take on these events and prepare the food on-site as well as store it on-site in the cold room overnight. This allows you to complete the full catering event, have storage, and meet the needs of your clients easily.

By keeping these benefits in mind, you can make the choice to begin using a routine cold room hire for various events. If you find that you need larger cold room storage, or that you may need it on a routine basis during busy seasons, contact your local cold room hire. They can help with pricing and with offers to discount the routine hiring needs of your catering company.